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Offered in three different sizes, the Umanoff Planter marries sleek powder coated steel lines with curved handwoven rattan for a natural contrast.

Designed in 1961 by the late Arthur Umanoff, a master of mid-century modern, the elevated planter is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.


Indoor Outdoor

Welded steel rod, spun steel and handwoven natural rattan.

Size Description

H: 27 cm / 10,6" Ø: 27 cm / 10,6"

2,38 kg / 5,25 lb

  • Arthur Umanoff

    <p>Arthur Umanoff's 1964 Grenada Collection for Boyuer Scott is quite possibly the most frequently mis-attributed of all of the Boyuer Scott and Shaver Howard collections. It's vague similarities to Salterini's 1951 Tempestini designed "Scherzo" or "Ribbon" collection coupled with a sum-total lack of available documentation on the Boyuer Scott production has provided ample fodder for error and misattribution even amongst some of the most reputable and scholarly dealers.</p>
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