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Bringing a new perspective to traditional vases, Aer’s rippled silhouette is perfect for admiring from afar and exploring up close. Designed for MENU by Gabriel Tan, his innate appreciation of simplicity, sculptural beauty and functionality come together on Aer. Following an extensive period of research and design to realise his vision, attempting to capture a form of beauty not often encountered in daily life, Gabriel Tan has created an object of beauty and function.

The tactile surface of the rippled glass vase, offered in two sizes, is made during a precision process whereby molten glass is mouth-blown into a double cavity tool that reveals the complex three-dimensional shape. The finished design displays different visual characteristics depending on the viewing angle.

Allowing for the arrangement of flowers and branches in two bunches instead of one within the same vessel, Aer becomes more than simply a vase: it is a sculptural object, also when not in use. When placed close to natural light – on a window sill or table top – it takes on an ethereal feel, where reflections and refractions of light bring the design and the surface on which it stands to life




Size Description

H: 33 cm, W: 27, D: 13 cm
H: 49 cm, W:22, D: 10,5 cm



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