Moooi Menorah Bold Candle Holder
  • Moooi Menorah Bold Candle Holder
  • Moooi Menorah Bold Candle Holder

Moooi Menorah Bold Candle Holder

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Moooi Menora Bold Candle Holder, The Bold series designed by Marcel Wanders was developed from his fascination with laser cutting technology.

  • With the use of a laser, you can cut a form or pattern in sheet metal with extreme accuracy.
  • This technology allows you to handle the sheet very efficiently, with very little wastage.
  • The timeless appearance of the Bold series endows it with charisma.
  • Candles not included.

4 mm black coated steel.

Size Description

Height 40 cm (15.7″)
With 76 cm (29.9″)
Deep 21 cm (8.3″)

  • Roderick Vos

    Roderick Vos explores the intersection of east and west, tradition and modern technology. A graduate of the Design Academy Eindhoven in the Netherlands, he has operated a studio since 1990 with his wife, the carpet and textile designer Claire Vos. Vos jokes about design being in his DNA. His great-grandfather and grandfather were skilled craftsmen and his father founded Maupertuus, a pioneering design store. Yet he refuses to put design on a pedestal. In his words, "design should be humble." He dislikes "the intellectual approach towards ‘design matters.'... Emotion is, in my opinion, key to a successful product."
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