Mattiazzi Uncino Chair A
  • Mattiazzi Uncino Chair A

Mattiazzi Uncino Chair

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Uncino Chair - Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec for mattiazzi. With the uncino collection we continue our collaboration with mattiazzi and the idea of sculpting wood both handcrafted and withnumerically controlled milling machines A family of wooden task chairs with two different back rests an ( four star) Swivel base.

The Gently carved wooden pieces are held in place by bent metal rods, while wood remains the main actor, the metal parts play a fundamental role in the contruction , the metal structure joins the pieces of wood in an almost organic overlap, the wood embraces the metal rods whose form subtlety appears on the wooden surface like a prominence,


Materials Ash or oak of European origin and legal wood cutting. Black metal frame.

Size Description

Version A: 670 x 670 x h470/825 mm
Version B: 670 x 670 x h470/825 mm
Version C: 530 x 585 x h470/825 mm

  • Roman and Erwan Bouroullec

    Ronan Bouroullec (born 1971) and Erwan Bouroullec (born 1976) have been working together for some ten years. Their collaboration is a permanent dialogue nourished by their differing personalities and shared perfectionism.<br /> In 1997 they presented their “Disintegrated Kitchen” at the Salon du Meuble in Paris and were spotted by Giulio Cappellini, who gave them their first industrial design projects, notably the Lit clos (Closed Bed) and Spring Chair. In 2000, Issey Miyake asked them to design a space for his new collection of A-Poc clothes in Paris. Then came the decisive meeting with Rolf Fehlbaum, chairman of Vitra, which resulted in their conception of a new kind of office system, Joyn, in 2002. This was the beginning of a special partnership which has borne fruit in numerous projects, including Algues, the Alcove Sofa, the Worknest and the Slow Chair. Since 2004, the Bouroullecs have also been working with Magis, for whom they have designed two complete furniture collections, Striped and Steelwood. Finally, they have worked on several types of textile wall systems, such as the North Tiles, in close collaboration with the Kvadrat brand, for whom they designed a new Stockholm showroom in 2006.
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