Materia Design Eterina Necklace Short
  • Materia Design Eterina Necklace Short
  • Materia Design Eterea Necklace Colors

Materia Design Eterina Necklace Short

Availability if not in stock approximate 5 weeks.
Color: *
  • White
  • Light Brown
  • Red
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Grey
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Necklace in synthetic mesh and pvc thread. Colors: White, Light Brown, Red, Black, Blue, Grey, Green. PVC thread to match or other. Design: Rosalba Galati


Synthetic mesh and pvc thread

  • Laura Santi

    Laura Santi was born in Padua, she has a degree in Psychology in the Workplace and has worked as a consultant in human resources and corporate organization for various companies and public bodies. Since 2005 she has branched into the field of design, graphic design, product packaging and marketing. Thanks to her encounter with Technogel©, she has started creating and producing furnishing accessories and jewelry.
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