Materia Design Elle Necklace
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Materia Design Elle Necklace

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  • Silver
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Materia Design is for Rosalba Galati and Laura Santi the result of a shared passion for materials and their pliability. An esplorative energy guides both hands and mind towards the creation of jewelry new in shape and perceptually diverse in conception.

Unlike traditional jewelry, its preciousness is obtained through playful creativity and free use of forms.

Materia Design jewelry is distributed in Design Stores, Museum Stores and Fashion Stores worldwide.

Combination of any two colors of white, gold, red, purple, blue, grey, smoke grey, brown, black, azurre, pink, if combination not displayed, contact us.

Please note: actual color may vary from picture due to computer settings.


Natural rubber and steel springs

  • Laura Santi

    Laura Santi was born in Padua, she has a degree in Psychology in the Workplace and has worked as a consultant in human resources and corporate organization for various companies and public bodies. Since 2005 she has branched into the field of design, graphic design, product packaging and marketing. Thanks to her encounter with Technogel©, she has started creating and producing furnishing accessories and jewelry.
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