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Earth Stool is a circular bar stool designed by Danish architect Eva Harlou. Earth Stool is the result of a new innovative waste-to-value technique that enables Mater to reuse companies’ industrial waste, e.g. plastic waste and other fibre-based materials. The seats are made from upcycled industrial plastic waste from GROHE and coffee bean shells from BKI coffee.

The technique is developed in collaboration with Danish Technological Institute with support from the University of Copenhagen. The waste materials are mixed in a unique compound suitable for press moulding – a method designed to reuse companies’ resources more efficiently. Earth Stool represents classic Scandinavian design with steel frames that make the bar stool elegant and timeless.

The new ground-breaking production technique allows Mater to reuse waste materials and turn it into useful and unique design solutions. Created to support a circular design thinking and the UN SDGs: “Responsible Consumption and Production” (SDGs 12), “Climate Action” (SDGs 13) and “Partnership for the Goals” (SDGs 17).


Coffee waste Edition (Seat made from PC/ABS and coffee shell waste), Gun metal Steel Frame

Coffee waste Edition, Light (Seat made from PC/ABS and coffee shell waste), Gun metal Steel Frame

Size Description

W: 37 cm D: 27 cm SH: 69 cm H: 104 cm

W: 37 cm D: 27 cm SH: 74 cm H: 104 cm

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