Marset Santorini A Fix Stern Outdoor Pendant

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Inspired by the lanterns found on fishing boats, this collection of outdoor customizable lamps allows you to create multiple compositions. Users can choose how many shades to place on the diffuser, along with their order, position and direction.

This interplay of combinations yields a rich array of direct or reflected light. The Santorini collection can be hung from the ceiling, either individually or clustered together, or they can be strung up like a garland. They also work as wall lamps or standing lamps using accessories that can easily be added. The variations on the Santorini lamp are further expanded by the choice of the shade color, which comes in white, grey and mustard.

Also, the Santorini collection has been expanded with the addition of two ceiling and wall versions with a more conventional attachment system in the guise of a tube structure that confers on the light a more solid appearance.


Blown, pressed glass diffuser attached to a grey polycarbonate structure. Shades available in numerous colours. Metal support and accessories on grey with stainless anti-oxidant cataphoresis treatment for outdoor.

A Fixed Stem / C E27 FBA 15W E27 LED Standard 8W

Size Description

Height: 36.9cm x Diameter: 21.2cm
Protrusion: 28.7cm

  • Sputnik Estudio

    <p>Sputnik is a multidisciplinary design studio based in Valencia, composed by Majo Fernández, María de la O Reyna, María Salar and Borja Sánchez. It is born with a restlessness to create innovative and functional projects, providing to each design a different vision on everyday objects. In their projects there is an interaction with the user and a promotion towards the use of recycled materials, presenting forms that are bold and with character.</p> <p>The different trajectories of the four members allow them to perfect step by step each idea to finally converge in a simple yet beautiful design; with an innovative and positive character.</p>
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