Marset Ledtube Mini Wall Light
  • Marset Ledtube Mini Wall Light
  • Marset Ledtube Mini Wall Light
  • Marset Ledtube Mini Wall Light
  • Marset Ledtube Mini Wall Light
  • Marset Ledtube Mini Wall Light
  • Marset Ledtube Mini Wall Light

Marset Ledtube Mini Wall Light

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The Ledtube is turning ten, and it’s still one of the collection’s most functional products: a reading lamp with a light beam that is specifically designed not to bother anyone else in the bed. It has no glare and its light can be aimed in any direction. It’s so easy to use that it’s almost instinctive, and so versatile it can blend in with the surface. Light that takes up no space. And yet, there is always room for improvement, and this year we’re offering a new version of the Ledtube with a USB port built in, as well as a smaller size, the Ledtube mini.

The Ledtube mini offers a new size to fill the gap: the same design but smaller and more compact while maintaining the proportions of the original. A change in scale to update it and offer the same performance in a smaller size. Available in two formats: the same as the Ledtube, and a new, circular design that minimises its structure for easier wall mounting. Two sizes, two formats, several finishes, multiple uses and especially, the original.


Materials & finishes Injected aluminium structure and a frontal piece of transparent polycarbonate. Incorporated switch to turn the lamp on when opened and off when folded away.

Light Source (included) 1 x LED 3 6W 132lm 2700K CRI90 IP20 rated.

This product is CE approved only and should only be used in countries that follow and accept this standard. If it is used elsewhere it will be at the customer's sole risk, responsibility and liability.

Size Description

Height: 11.3cm x Width: 4.5cm
Depth (into the wall): 4cm
Protrusion: 7cm

  • Daniel López

    <p>Born in Santa Coloma de Gramanet, near Barcelona. As a child, his father awoke in him an interest in how things work by fixing objects, playing with small electric motors or light bulbs. He began his studies in the car industry, and shortly afterwards studied industrial design at the Elisava School in Barcelona, where he began to transition to the world of design. He came into the world of lighting by chance, and after two years developing products in other companies in the sector, he joined Marset’s technical department in 2003.</p> <p>He has worked hand in hand with designers to develop their lamps. This close relationship has allowed him to learn how to maintain the essence of each product, down to the last detail, while providing all his know-how to make the lamps technically impeccable. Over these years, he has developed the technology for many products and has also designed one of the Marset collection’s most iconic items: the Ledtube. This reading lamp offers what may be the most functional design in the collection. It has been on the market for ten years and has been approved by countless hotels. He has been Marset’s technical director for a few years.</p>
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