Marset Discocó 88 Pendant Lamp
  • Marset Discocó 88 Pendant Lamp
  • Marset Discocó 88 Pendant Lamp
  • Marset Discocó 88 Pendant Lamp
  • Marset Discocó 88 Pendant Lamp
  • Marset Discocó
  • Marset Discocó

Marset Discoco 88 Pendant Lamp

If not in stock 4 to 5 weeks
  • White (Ral 9003)
  • Matte Grey (Ral 703)
  • Matte Beige (Ral 1001)
  • Black Gold (Ral 9004-Gold)
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The Warmth of Light If there is one iconic lamp in the Marset collection, it’s the Discocó. Now that the fixture has turned ten years old, and following several additional sizes and finishes, it’s time it finally got its due. The Discocó evolves with a new finish: oak.

The quality and comfort provided by this fine material is unequalled. Making wood seem weightless is a real challenge, so for now, this new edition will be available in a 68 cm pendant model. The internal metallic structure remains, but in a nickel graphite finish.

The new Discocó pays homage to the original: with is new wooden discs it persists in the dramatic game of light and shadow, and yields an extremely welcoming light.


3x E27 LED Globe ( ø120) 14W

35 opaque discs made in moulded ABS. Chrome sphere.

This product is CE approved only and should only be used in countries that follow and accept this standard. If it is used elsewhere it will be at the customer's sole risk, responsibility and liability.

Size Description

Height/ Ø 68 x 88 cm Cable 300cm

  • Christophe Mathieu

    <p>His name is French and he was born in Germany, but his Spanish accent points to the Canary Islands, where he grew up. He reached Barcelona in the mid-1980’s to finish his degree in interior design. Soon afterward he headed to Milan, where he discovered industrial design collaborating with the architect Marco Zanuso jr. in the development of products for companies such as De Padova, Menphis and Driade; the architects Roberto Menghi y Giulio Crespi; the industrial designer Sergio Coppola and the architect Antonio Zanuso in the prize-winning project for the Piazza della Republica. His time in Milan had a profound effect on him.</p> <p>A restless man, he seems to carry those traveling genes of his Belgian ancestors who ventured to move to Spain in the 1960’s.</p> <p>With an architect and handyman father (he made lamps at home using the origami he learned while working in Germany), 30 years ago Christophe Mathieu transitioned from being a professional competitive swimmer to the world of design. He is open to unforeseen events in life and does not discount the possibility of one day maybe leaving it all and doing something totally different. Having lived in Barcelona for years now, he is one of Marset’s veteran designers and has created several successful products for the company.</p>
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