Magis Ladrillos Momo Shelf
  • Magis Ladrillos Shelf
  • Magis Ladrillos Shelf
  • Magis Ladrillos Shelf
  • Magis Ladrillos Momo Shelf

Magis Ladrillos Nomo Shelf - Stackable module

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Magis Ladrillos is a modulable shelve with funny imaginary characters by Javier Mariscal. They insert themselves between the plateaus of the shelf, forming a funny family of aztec statues. 8 different shelf support characters allow for individual configurations, made from polyethylene complete with butterfly screw & fastener in zinc plated steel. You can only use sino for floor base supports.
Shelves are sold separetely but due to the size can't be send by mail. Sourcing them locally maybe a better option.

Price by one sold in sets of 2



Size Description

Lenght 35cm
Width 12cm
Height 35 cm

  • Javier Mariscal

    Javier Mariscal studied philosophy at university in Valencia from 1967 until 1970 before immatriculating at the Escuela de Grafismo Elisava in Barcelona, where he studied graphic design. In 1973 Javier Mariscal and friends of his drew the first underground comic in Spain, "El Rrollo Enmascarado". Javier Mariscal has worked mainly as a graphic designer but has also been active as a painter. Until 1975 Javier Mariscal lived on Ibiza, where he drew other comics and produced his first designs for seat furniture. From 1976 Javier Mariscal again lived in Barcelona, where he freelanced as a graphic artist and designer. In 1979 Javier Mariscal came up with the lettering BAR-CEL-ONA, which you look through like a window onto scenes behind the silhouetted letters.
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