Kay Bojesen Monkey Photo Portrait
  • Kay Bojesen Monkey Photo Portrait
  • Kay Bojesen Monkey
  • Kay Bojesen Monkey

Kay Bojesen Monkey Photo Portrait

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Now you can have the famous little wooden Monkey gracing your wall! The beautiful 100% cotton canvas with oak profiles is original and stylishly designed to complement that iconic work of art: the popular Monkey designed by Kay Bojesen in 1951.

Canvas dimensions: 40 x 56 cm


Material:Canvas: 100% cotton. Nature wood profile and nature leather strap

Size Description

Width 43.6 cm
Height: 59 cm
Depth1.5 cm 



  • Kay Bojesen

    Kay Bojesen (1886-1958) is one of the most important pioneers of Danish design. Trained as a silversmith at the Georg Jensen workshop, he designed several products in silver, such as cutlery and serving dishes, including his famous Grand Prix cutlery. Kay Bojesen worked with other materials as well and explored in particular the possibilities offered by wood.
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