Kartell Componibili Metallic 2 Sections
  • Kartell Componibili Metallic 2 Sections

Kartell Componibili Metallic 2 Sections

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Kartell Componibili 2 sections Metallic designed by Anna Castelli Ferrieri.

  • The Componibili elements have been designed to meet various needs of use and live in any environment in the home or in the office, in the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen or lounge.
  • A classic design produced for more than 30 years and exhibited in different museums around the world.

Made of Metallic ABS.

Size Description

Diameter 32 cm (12.6″)
Height 40 cm (15.7″)

  • Anna Castelli-Ferrieri

    <p>The Italian architect and industrial designer Anna Castelli Ferrieri studied architecture at Milan Polytechnic from 1938 until 1943. In 1943 she married Giulio Castelli, a chemical engineer. He founded Kartell in 1949 to make high-quality designer objects of plastic. In 1946-47 Anna Castelli Ferrieri was editor of the architecture magazine "Casabella costruzioni". In 1946 she founded an architecture practice. In 1949 Anna Castelli Ferrieri took part for the first time in the Congrès Internationale d'Architecture Moderne (CIAM), of which she was also a co-organizer. From 1952 she was a member of the Istituto Nazionale di Urbanistica. From 1955 to 1960 Anna Castelli Ferrieri was a correspondent for "Architectural Design" magazine.</p>
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