Jacob Jensen Telephone T-1
  • Jacob Jensen Telephone T-1
  • Jacob Jensen Telephone T-1

Jacob Jensen Telephone T-1

Designer: Jacob Jensen
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Jacob Jensen Telephone T-1, A contemporary looking telephone design by Jacob Jensen, that will look perfect at home or in your office.

  • The JACOB JENSEN T-1 telephone is one of the smallest analogue phones on the market today and gives ease of use with the keyboard positioned under the hand set.
  • The head set is elegantly lifted into your hand by lightly pushing on the upper part.
  • It is equipped with 2 direct memory keys, 10 secondary memory keys, a last number redial and a mute function.
  • The ring tone can be switched from high to low and the phone can be used on a switch board.
  • The T-1 telephone has a removable base which makes it suitable for both table and wall mounting.
  • The telephone has a standard plug that can be connected and used anyware in the world.

Black with silver keys

Size Description

Width: 6cm
Length: 20cm

Color Description
  • Jacob Jensen

    Jacob Jensen founded his studio in 1958 and over the following decades developed the form language that changed our view of how Hi-Fi systems, telephones, watches and many other products can look. The contribution made him one of the most recognised designers with a vast number of prizes and exhibitions, including a solo exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York. In terms of design history, he gained importance because his groundbreaking form unites two mainstreams of 20th century design. On the one hand, the European Bauhaus-tradition with its minimalist Less is more and its modernist Form follows function. On the other hand, the American design icon Raymond Loewys consumer-oriented MAYA-principle: Most Advanced Yet Acceptable. Jacob Jensens international style comprises of the fact that he creates an ultra-modern minimalist form language with a very high audience appeal.
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