Holmegaard Calabas Vase Amber 16cm
  • Holmegaard Calabas Vase Amber 16cm

Holmegaard Calabas Vase Amber 16cm

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Inspired by nature, Peter Svarrer has created a new coloured glass vase. Calabas has a round and harmonious design, just like the bottle-shaped calabas fruit that the vase is named after. Calabas amber is 16 cm tall and suitable for smaller bouquets.

The spacious lower part of the vase offers plenty of room for water, and the narrow waist keeps the flowers in place. The vase opens up slightly towards the top, presenting the flowers beautifully. In keeping with the Holmegaard traditions, the Calabas vases are mouth-blown by highly skilled and experienced glassmakers. They master their craft to perfection and take pride in creating glass vases of the highest quality.

With their knowledge, intuition, and artistic approach, they shape the Calabas vases carefully to achieve just the right proportions. It takes practise to get the poetic composition of the Calabas right, making it reflect the light, the water in the vase, and the beauty of the flowers simultaneously.

Size Description

Height 16cm
Diameter 9cm

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