Gubi C-Chair Dining Chair - Paper Cord

Availability if not in stock 2 to 4 weeks (Upholstered 6 to 8 weeks).
Wood: *
  • Black Stained Oak Matt Lacquered base
  • Oak Oiled
  • American Walnut Oiled Base
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Minimalist elegance, high functionality and enduring comfort in perfect balance are what keep Marcel Gascoin’s iconic 1947 C-Chair feeling so vital and modern today. Designed as an innovative response to the tightly-spaced homes being built in postwar France, the refined aesthetics and craftsmanship are perfectly suited to contemporary living rooms, dining rooms and kitchens.

The updated C-Chair’s sturdy wood frame and durable, hand-woven paper seat and backrest underpin its elegant shape and strong visual language. The space-efficient C-Chair is part of a unified Gascoin collection which.


Walnut or Oak, Paper Cord

Size Description

53x41x79 cm
Sitting height: 46 cm
Weight (kg): 7.8 

  • Marcel Gascoin

    <p>French designer Marcel Gascoin (1907-1986) was one of the leading furniture designers of the post-war era. He played a vital role in the reconstruction of France after World War II, where his streamlined wooden furniture, focused on clean aesthetics and functionality, became the staple for 1950s French households.</p> <p>Today Gascoin’s work, unrecognized for a long time, has been progressively re-discovered by collectors, adoring his simple and striking furniture creations. GUBI has been working with the Marcel Gascoin archive since the reintroduction in 2018 of multiple editions of the C-Chair, followed by the Trèfle Stool, the B-Table and the S-Tables.</p>
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