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Goods Pure Carafe

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The carafe’s design arises from the associated glass, which is the same height as designer Willem Noyons’ hand.

The glass’s upper and lower diameters are related to its height, in accordance with a measuring system developed by the Benedictine monk Dom Hans van der Laan.

The carafe was made by placing a glass shape atop a sphere holding one liter.

One glass also serves as a stopper. The beauty of the pieces comes from their pure proportions.

The carafe and set of four glasses are available as a set or separately



Size Description

Carafe: 22cm x Ø 15 cm
Glass: 8,5cm x Ø 7,5 cm

  • Willem Noyons

    Willem Noyons. Since 1982, with his Atelier Willem Noyons, Willem Noyons has been designing and creating products , graphic design and planning projects. Clear lines, carefully chosen materials, surprising ideas, and a conceptual, imaginative approach are the essence of his work.
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