Georg Jensen Elephant Figurine
  • Georg Jensen Elephant Figurine
  • Georg Jensen Elephant

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Cheerful elements created to delight a child´s world, as well as please the eye of parents. The Elephant design has come a long way since it was first introduced to the world in 1987. It first appeared as a bottle opener designed by industrial architect Jørgen Møller who had been inspired by his grandchildren´s favourite creature. Beautiful figurines in assorted sizes carved in smooth European oak and African wenge, perfect as a functional collection of home decor that can be enjoyed as a toy as well. Inspired by Jørgen Møller


Oak wood

Size Description

Length: 12cm
Height: 7.3cm
Depth 3cm

  • Jørgen Møller

    As an architect and industrial designer Jørgen Møller possessed a unique design language founded through his cooperation with renowned architect Arne Jacobsen in the 60’s and characterized by Jørgen Møllers constant demands for function and simplistic shapes. “To me form and function are the keywords – by in reverse order. Functionality is essential, and only once you’ve achieved this can you start evolving the form. Decorations have no function and this I strive towards the art of simplifying”. The simple tools of everyday life have always been what drew the attention of Jørgen Møller. His mantra being that “everything or ever tool we use throughout our day, should have a form and a shape which not only fulfills the functional demands but also satisfies our sense of aesthetics”
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