Fritz Hansen Egg Lounge Chair
  • Fritz Hansen Egg Lounge Chair
  • Fritz Hansen Egg Lounge Chair
  • Fritz Hansen Egg Lounge Chair
  • Fritz Hansen Egg Lounge Chair
  • Fritz Hansen Egg Lounge Chair
  • Fritz Hansen Egg Lounge Chair
  • Fritz Hansen Egg Lounge Chair
  • Fritz Hansen Egg Lounge Chair
  • Fritz Hansen Egg Lounge Chair
  • Fritz Hansen Egg Lounge Chair

Fritz Hansen Egg Lounge Chair

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The Egg is one of the triumphs of Jacobsen’s total design - a sculptural contrast to the building’s almost exclusively vertical and horizontal surfaces. The Egg sprang from a new technique, which Jacobsen was the first to use; a strong foam inner shell underneath the upholstery. Experience originality and design that ages with beauty with the Egg and indulge in its sculptural curves that will last for generations.

When Arne Jacobsen in the end of the 1950ies designed the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen, he too created the Egg, the Swan, the Swan Sofa, the Series 3300 and the Drop™. With this furniture Arne Jacobsen wrote history within Danish design worldwide.

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The shell is of polyurethane foam with glass fibre reinforcement. The foam for the upholstery and the seat cushion is cold cured polyurethane foam.

The shell has an adjustable tilt mechanism, which can be adjusted to the weight of the individual user.

The tilt mechanism is made of steel, while the adjustment handle is made of polished stainless steel.

The base consists of a satin polished swivel center part (diameter 38x2 mm) of welded steel tubing and a 4-star base in injection molded aluminium.

The leg ferrules are in a black-grey synthetic material


Size Description

Height 105cm
Seating Height 37cm
Width 62cm
Depth 79-95cm

  • Arne Jacobsen

    Arne Jacobsen (1902-1971) was trained as a bricklayer and graduated from The Technical Society's school in 1924 and Copenhagen Art Academy 1927. In 1928 he received the Academy's gold medal, but prior to this, when only 23, he was awarded a silver medal at the 1925 Paris World Exhibition - the first of numerous honours that became a natural accompaniment to his artistic activities, his untiring search and his brilliant conceptions, made manifest by many successes in competitions at home and abroad. His main works include: town halls in ?rhus, Søllerød, Rødovre and Glostrup, SAS-building (Royal Hotel) in Copenhagen, Munkegårds School in Gentofte, Toms Chocolate Factory in Ballerup, The Danish National Bank headquarters, a sports hall in Landskrona, St. Catherine's College, Oxford and Hamburgerische Elektrizitätswerke's administration building. In 1932, Arne Jacobsen began collaboration with Fritz Hansens Eft. A/S, and over a period of years designed a series of chairs which are now recognised as milestones in the development of modern furniture. They include "The Ant" (1951), "The Egg" (1957), and "The Swann"(1957). But he was also an innovator in other design fields, such as the tableware series "Cylinda-line" in stainless steel. Arne Jacobsen was a professor at the Art Academy, and received honorary doctorates from a number of foreign universities and academies. Cylinda-line was awarded the ID-prize 1967 by The Danish Society of Industrial Design and The International Design Award 1968 by The American Institute of Interior Designers.
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