Eva Solo Bath Towel Warm Grey
  • Eva Solo Bath Towel Warm Grey
  • Eva Solo Bath Towel

Eva Solo Bath Towel Warm Grey Sale

Designer: Tools
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Oeko-Tex®-certified long-fibre cotton towels add a touch of indulgence to your daily life. A high-quality range with all the good properties of cotton. Extra soft, fantastic absorbency, minimal fluffing and minimal shrinkage for a little more wellness at home.

On Eva Solo towels, the conventional hanging loop has been replaced with a hanging loop hole. As part of the design, the loop is integrated in the towel, which means no more loops that break or become detached, or loops that are hard to find.

The new hanging loop hole sits in the middle of the top edge of the towel, and ensures that the towel hangs just as it should. It is designed to last, so it comes with a five-year warranty against the hanging loop hole breaking along the edge. The towel series is made of 100% 550 g/m2 long-fibre cotton, and the Oeko-Tex® certification is an international standard which guarantees that the towels do not contain any pesticides, heavy metals or special dyes.


100% cotton

Five-year strap warranty Oeko-Tex®-certified

Material: 100% Oeko-Tex® certified cotton


Size Description

 Height: 140 cm
 Width: 70 cm

  • Tools

    Tools Design was founded in 1989 by Claus Jensen and Henrik Holbæk. Today the studio is placed in the old industrial area in north west of Copenhagen – today the creativ area. With more than 60 awards and distinctions Tools Design rank amongst Denmarks most awarded designers. They have represented danish design on several international exhibitions. The products of Tools Design are often characterized by a simplistic and innovative approach. The portefolio ranges from electronics and medical equipment to household products. The design philosophy of Tools design is to put “something extra” into the products. The strength of the studio is to manage product design and communication to create lifestyle design.
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