Driade Italic Lace Round Coaster
  • Driade Italic Lace Round Coaster
  • Driade Italic Lace Round Coaster
  • Driade Italic Lace Round Coaster
  • Driade Italic Lace Round Coaster
  • Driade Italic Lace
  • Driade Italic Lace

Driade Italic Lace Round Coaster

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  • Red Finishing
  • Black Finishing
  • White Finishing
  • Brass
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Siena 1440, the city and the year in which original lace items were made that provided the inspiration for this range of table accessories. Back then they were made with a crochet hook, now they are made using photogravure.

They give a modern twist to an ancient version, a memory and style soundly based in the traditions of this part of Italy”. This gave rise to “Italic Lace”, a collection of refined placemats and coasters, designed for those who love to dress the table with elegance that is never casual. Finishes include shiny brass, glossy black, red and the more classical white.

Brass coasters or brass with white red or black finish

Packed by 4 pieces, price for 4 coasters



Size Description

Diameter 10cm

  • Galante & Lancman

    In 2003 designer Maurizio Galante teamed up with trend forecast analyst and designer Tal Lancman, to form INTERWARE. Their crossover vision transverses the different design disciplines, from fashion to furniture, interiors, lights, food, architecture and gardening. As the duo moves freely between disciplines, they revisit domains equipped with new understandings, insights and observations. The process results in a multi-faceted concept, with a subtle balance between the pragmatic and the irrational. The team follows all steps of design and production, from trend research, to all aspects of marketing, including definition of brand image, strategy, communication, packaging, and presentation. Maurizio Galante and Tal Lancman have curated several design exhibitions, and in 2003 have been assigned design curators for MUDAM, Museum of Modern Art Grand–Duc Jean, Luxembourg, conceptualizing and collaborating on content selection for the museum's store and restaurant, researching and collaborating with artists, designers, and artisans, and developing installations for special events.
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