Driade was born in '68, some decades ago, in the same period as the trends that would have characterized the twentieth century: both the rigor of geometric and rational design and , on the other hand, the recovery of pop art and its influence on pop and radical design. Today, the "design landscape" is quite different, permeated as it is by the globalization and all- embracing digitization. To understand Driade, you should visit its headquarters in Fossadello, near Piacenza. I had been there often in the past but, I haven't come back for a long time. Seeing it again helped me to understand what it might be an "aesthetic laboratory" (as Driade likes to define itself) in these early twenty-first century. It would be useful to organize your path along the central hallway which goes through the building, a clear and rigorous sign, an architectural promenade on which offices and rooms, elegantly furnished, overlook. At the end of the walk you'll find a large room marked by high photographic panels representing the park of W├╝rzburg castle, in Germany: a winter garden nestled in an endless time.

Le Klint

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