ArcheToys is of a collection of metal model cars, which are designed and produced by the industrial designer Floris Hovers. The idea developed from a design commission which Floris has put upon himself in order to find the answer to an important question keeping him occupied: Why do grown-ups still have the desire to play with toys?

Sika Design

Since 1950 Sika Design has created handmade furniture with comfort, quality and sustainability as our main requirements for the design and the manufacturing process. Our wicker furniture are handed down through generations, and world- wide several hotels, restaurants and cruise ships are furnished with furniture from Sika-Design.


In 1996, Carine Jannin who was then just twenty four years old, decided to create her own publishing house specialized in the design of objects. Her singular and strategic choices, free from all archetypes, allot a central position to the independence of creation. Together with Rachel and Benoît Convers, the established designers of the label, they combine a family trio, precursors in author design. Based on audacious concepts such as the “ made in France ” and objects with dual interpretations, this publishing house blossoms independently and cultivates its differences on the fringe of insidious standardization. The Ibride creations can be recognized at a glance: their references to the animal kingdom, their destructured archetypal shapes, and the graphic stamp of their museum like style, make up their territory of distinction.

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