Design House Stockholm Pedestal Table
  • Design House Stockholm Pedestal Table
  • Design House Stockholm Pedestal Table
  • Design House Stockholm Pedestal Table

Design House Stockholm Pedestal Table

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Call it a pedestal, call it a high sideboard: use it to rearrange and make any room alive. Put your favorite things in the spotlight: a flower, a sculpture, a laptop, or use it as a podium for your favorite pet. Pedestal Table is a true furniture accessory: a solitaire that will enhance any space, domestic or even public. Take a single one, or a a whole bunch to arrange in groups. And the table comes with a twist: the height is easily adjusted in order to satisfy any desired arrangement. Matti Klenell’s take on a classic adds flexibility with 5 spacers in trustfully sturdy massive oak that will let Pedestal Table adjust from 25 to 55 centimeters in height.

The interconnecting bolts and nuts are integral parts of the design with no loose parts whatsoever. Stability is ensured by a weighty iron ring hidden away under the base. The easily movable furniture piece is dependably strong, yet with a light elegant slenderness. The use of real wood vouches for longevity. The reuse of wood remnants in the workshop when producing the spacers, further enhances Pedestal Table’s eco-friendly approach.

Pedestal Table is made in massive oak in a choice of a natural finish or lacquered white or black, and made to stand for a long time. The geometrically shaped spacers have tangible heft and make it positively easy to change to any height one might need. ’It doesn’t require any effort to put together, just screw it together, or unscrew it,’ says Matti Klenell who explains that: ’I made Pedestal Table years ago for myself because I needed something where to put my laptop so it was easy to move around. Then the table turned out to be much more versatile than I expected. Use it for tea-cups, a flower vase, or whatever you fancy. Matti Klenell has created an impressive output of design classics since he began his long career in the late ’90s, not the least the praised remodeling of the café, bar and restaurant at Sweden’s Nationalmuseum.


MATERIAL Lacquered solid oak.

Size Description

W31 x D31 x H67.5 cm W12.2 x D12.2 x 6.3

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