Cuero Design Leather Butterfly Chair Gold

If not in stock 4 to 5 weeks
Color Seat: *
  • Black
  • Polo
  • Crude Nature
  • Chocolate
  • Montana
  • Oak
  • Ocean Blue
  • Grass Green
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The World's most luxurious butterfly chair, A design classic, made with real gold, Because we know you appreciate the finer things in life.
We go to great lengths to find the best suppliers of each detail for this masterpiece.
Cuero Design Leather Butterfly Chair Gold The fine shape of the butterfly chair frame means we've used a very tasteful amount of gold. It's the perfect detail that will match perfectly in any interior as long as you pair it with one or two more golden objects in the room.

The CUERO butterfly chair is extra large and has a special cocooning shape which makes it more comfortable to sit in. You will be sitting in it for hours.

Size Description

Height : 92cm (37") Width : 87cm (35") Depth : 86cm (34") Weight: 12 kilos

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