Classicon Sol Side Table Miniature

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The Sol Side Table by the Spanish design duo OrtegaGuijarro in miniature: the 1:5 scale version also showcases the design’s impressive wealth of facets. As strikingly simple as the construction made of glass panels of different sizes may be, at second glance it is quite complex.

Depending on the perspective, the incidence of light and shadows, the coloured-transparent elements of the table merge into ever-changing silhouettes and visually trick their observers. Each miniature is produced true to scale with the same perfection as the original.

An elegant sculpture in a tiny format – the perfect gift for people with an affinity towards design.


Parsol glass in bronze or grey. Or crystal glass with coloured inlay in royal blue

  • OrtegaGuijarro

    <p>The studio OrtegaGuijarro based in Barcelona and Berlin is run by Carlos Guijarro and Alex Ortega. The newcomer duo with a background in industrial and interior design have set themselves the goal to create individual and surprising everyday solutions.</p>
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