Cherner Chair Seat/Back Upholstered Leather
  • Cherner Chair Seat/Back Upholstered Leather
  • Cherner Chair Seat/Back Upholstered Leather
  • Cherner Chair Seat Upholstered Leather

Cherner Chair Seat/Back Upholstered Leather

If not in stock 4 to 5 weeks
Finish: *
  • Classic Ebony
  • Natural Walnut
  • Classic Walnut
  • Natural Red Gum
  • Natural White Oak
Color Leather: *
  • Camo Sierra White SI1012
  • Camo Sierra Light Grey SI1316
  • Camo Sierra Kelato Whisky SIK1513
  • Camo Sierra SI1014 Red
  • Camo Sierra Kelato Mocca SIK1041
  • Camo Sierra SI1082 Khaki
  • Camo Sierra Black SI1001
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The companion to the iconic molded plywood Armchair. The Side Chair elegantly combines a unique molded plywood shell of tapering thickness with a laminated wood base. Available in all Cherner finishes with seat and back pads upholstered in either leather or fabric. The authentic licensed design is produced by The Cherner Chair Company from the original drawings and molds

  • Norman Chener

    <p>Born in Brooklyn New York in 1920, Norman Cherner's designs are part of the iconography of mid-20th Century furniture design. He is recognised as one of the most original of a generation of designers that explored post-war technological innovations in architecture and industrial design.</p> <p>He studied and taught at the Columbia University Fine Arts department and was an instructor at the Museum of Modern Art in New York from 1947-1949. Cherner's training in the Bauhaus tradition led to a lifelong exploration informed by the belief that all design stems from one discipline. His chairs, tables and case goods have shown an enduring popularity since their introduction nearly fifty years ago. T</p> <p>he moulded plywood Cherner Chair, designed for Plycraft in 1958, has become an icon of mid-twentieth century design and can be found in galleries and design collections worldwide, including the Vitra Museum.</p>
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