Carl Hansen & Søn OW58 | T-Chair Leather Group Loke A
  • Carl Hansen & Søn OW58 | T-Chair Leather Group Loke A
  • Carl Hansen & Søn OW58 | T-Chair Leather Group Loke A

Carl Hansen & Søn OW58 | T-Chair Leather Group Loke A

Availability if not in stock approximate 6 to 9 weeks
Wood : *
  • Oak Soap
  • Oak Oil
  • Oak White Oil
  • Oak Black
  • Oak Lacquer
  • Walnut Oil
  • Walnut Lacquer
Color Leather Seat (Loke, Group A) : *
  • Loke 7050
  • Loke 7060
  • Loke 7100
  • Loke 7110
  • Loke 7140
  • Loke 7150
  • Loke 7160
  • Loke 7170
  • Loke 7210
  • Loke 7240
  • Loke 7060
  • Loke 7270
  • Loke 7310
  • Loke 7732
  • Loke 7744
  • Loke 7748
  • Loke 7763
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Ole Wanscher’s deep respect for materials, craftsmanship and function come to the fore on the OW58 T-Chair, relaunched in a loyal tribute to his original design. The distinctive expression of Danish designer Ole Wanscher’s OW58 T-Chair challenges the art of the possible without compromising craftsmanship or comfort. Adjusted only in height to provide optimum ergonomics for today’s design enthusiasts who have grown taller since 1958, the sculptural piece embodies both classic and modern lines to give the chair a light and elegant appearance. The result of careful processing and many carpentry hours to achieve smooth transitions in the sustainable wood joints, the chair’s most striking detail is the T-shaped backrest which merges seamlessly with the tightly placed back legs, giving the chair a three-legged appearance. Despite its light expression, the T-Chair has a wide, upholstered seat that provides excellent comfort, making it ideal for dining use.


Material Oak or walnut, Leather

Size Description

Width 48cm
Depth 50cm
Height 82cm
Seat height 46cm

  • Ole Wanscher

    Ole Wanscher (1903-1985), was born in Copenhagen in 1903 and was an architect and professor of architecture with furniture designs as his specialty. He came to shape Danish furniture, both as an active designer and as a master teacher. His furniture designs are now considered to be modern classics - sophisticated and functional with an exquisite attention to detail.
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