Karimoku New Standard

We are Karimoku, manufacturer of wood furniture from central Japan with history of more than 70 years. Our tradition derives of a deep understanding of carpentry craftsmanship combined with cutting-edge technologies to build furniture of the highest possible quality. Collaborating with some of the most promising international design talents, we launched KARIMOKU NEW STANDARD in 2009, a growing collection of innovative, joyful and functional objects that suit the ways of urban living in the 21st century. Aiming to preserve and revitalize Japanese forests and resume a balance with local forest industry, our products are made using sustainable sourced Japanese hardwoods,such as maple, chestnut and oak-low-diameter trees that are often discarded or ending up as paper pulp. KARIMOKU NEW STANDARD pieces are made to bring lasting joy, true to the credo that a piece of furniture should last at least as long as the tree it was made from.
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