Goods Bottle Boat

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Goods Bottle Boat by Floris Hovers.

  • Once Floris Hovers went camping next to a little river. With some garbage: a plastic bottle, a plastic bag and some twigs he made a little boat. He let it float away on the river and the next moment it had become the favourite toy of the day of two little boys.  
  • In the meantime Floris has become father of two little girls that love to spatter with empty shampoo bottles when bathing - this image merged with his camping memories and the bottle boat was born. You have to take care of the empty shampoo bottle yourself!  
  • Contains: 1 elastic, 1 sail, 1 pole, 2 pieces of wood. Colour: sail is available in the colors orange, white, blue or red

Wood, fabric and runbber bands.

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