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Audo Copenhagen Telephone Tray

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Audo Copenhagen Telephone Tray Telephone Tray by Aurélien Barbry, Does your mobile phone dangle from a wire or lie on the floor while charging? Here is an elegant solution that will protect your most important communication tool: the Black Titanium Charger Tray.

  • It almost resembles a miniature version of a modern chair, but don't be mistaken! It fits almost any mobile phone and any charger, and you do away with wires that do little more than take up space.
  • The entire series exudes quality and exclusive design – combined with Menu’s hallmark: functional ingenuity.

Titanium coated stainless steel with silicone and plastic.

Size Description

12cm x 12cm (4.7″ x 4.7″)

  • Aurelien Barbry

    <p>The French designer Aurélien Barbry has particular been design director at star architect Jean Nouvel, who is behind the new concert hall in DR Byen. Since then, Aurélien gone solo and has created several international design successes.</p>
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