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ArcheToys Construction Site

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ArcheToys is a collection of metal model cars with recognizable forms and colors - archetypical vehicles. Though typified as toys, they are meant to express more than just being children’s toys. They are meant to be played with, but not only by children. What started as a desire to create my own model car became a serious design project.

I discovered that this process was about much more than just designing. Different aspects came to light, such as emotion, recognition, sentimental feelings for the past and graphic design, showing how essential and important form and colour really are. Looking at the timelessness of the designs, you could argue that no period or decade that can be put on these designs, though there is an underlying sentiment towards past times.

  • Floris Hovers

    Floris Hovers (1976) graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2004. He strives for work that is not complex in nature, but is still capable to incite surprise and sympathy. Hovers' designs have a recognition factor because they refer to times past and are almost iconic. This way, Hovers' products often explain themselves as to how they were made.
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