Alessi Trinity Basket - Fruit bowl ACO02
  • Alessi Trinity Basket - Fruit bowl ACO02
  • Alessi Trinity Basket - Fruit bowl ACO02
  • Alessi Trinity Basket - Fruit bowl ACO02

Alessi Trinity Basket

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  • Stainless Steel
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Alessi Trinity Basket - Fruit bowl - Citrus basket by Adam Cornish

An industrial design that embodies the beauty of nature.

The dynamic formal rhythm of the “Trinity” Centrepiece (1) is expressed in a further series of projects designed by Adam Cornish. Three articles –a

wire Basket, Fruit holder and Citrus basket –join the centrepiece, interpreting its language with different sizes and functions. Just like the forefather

of this series, the elegant concentric shape of the “Trinity” series draws inspiration from the sinuous spiral structure of the shell of the “Nautilus”

mollusc (2). The designer wanted to recreate the appearance of a natural element through modern industrial production processes. The shape

of the articles in the “Trinity” collection is obtained via the laser perforation of the steel sheet, which is then mechanically shaped. The constant

attention to production procedures enabled the realisation of three different articles using designs for just two. The Baskets and Fruit bowls are

actually the result of the same shape, produced in two sizes and then modelled differently according to the desired article. The “Trinity” family is

thus expanded by three containers in different sizes, suitable for a wide array of uses. The Basket (3) and the Fruit bowl (4) are made from 18/10

stainless steel with a mirrored finish and in the white version. Meanwhile, the Citrus basket (5) - available in two heights, either 12 or 16 cm - is

only available in white-painted steel. The coloured versions are created by applying an epoxy resin to the steel article.


Stainless steel or steel

Size Description

ACO02 ø cm 26 - h cm 7 ( ø 10¼” - h 2¾”)>

  • Adam Cornish

    <p>Adam Cornish’s work is born of simple observational based design. Adam believes his work is both inspired by and contributes to the continuing evolution of products. Just like animals and plants; products need to evolve and adapt to better suit the continually changing environment, advances in materials or new technologies and the impact each of these have on our planet. Adam studied Industrial Design at the University of Technology Sydney and more recently, completed a degree in Furniture Design at Royal Melbourne's Institute of Technology, where Adam retains a close affiliation. He regularly lectures and shares insights into his manufacturing experiences with students at RMIT. The scope of Adam's work includes an impressive range of design disciplines, including furniture and household innovation, as well as complex commercial and residential installations.</p>
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