Alessi Sfrido Potato Peeler
  • Alessi Sfrido Potato Peeler
  • Alessi Sfrido Potato Peeler
  • Alessi Sfrido Potato Peeler

Alessi Sfrido Potato Peeler

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“Sfrido”, the Potato peeler designed by Valerio Sommella, is an item whose shape is closely connected with its function. Its very name (‘sfrido’ is Italian for scrap) hints at its function, a clear reference to the waste produced when using it. The designer conceived it with the aim of providing a new take on a traditional product.

The shape of “Sfrido” recalls a stylized ribbon a continuous band that gently bends and twists and eventually encloses the blade.

The curves created by these dynamic lines enable you to hold the object in a natural way, guaranteeing an ergonomic grip. The reduced size and smooth forms of the Potato peeler enable the user to grip the object in the way they find most comfortable. “Sfrido” is produced from micro cast stainless steel with mirrored finish and has an AISI 420 steel single-edge blade that makes it suitable for all types of vegetables. The single-edged blade is of a particularly fine quality for this type of utensil .

The Potato peeler can be washed in the dishwasher making sure that it does not come into contact with other objects that might compromise the effectiveness of the blade. “Sfrido” forms part of the “Objets Bijoux” collection and is presented in the same packaging as this series of objects.

The name “Sfrido” also brings to mind that of Sigfrido (Sigurd in English), legendary hero of Norse mythology, whose tales are very dear to the designer. The story of Sigurd and his sword, which was so sharp that he was able to cut an anvil and a dragon in two, were a source of inspiration.


Stainless steel polished.

Size Description

17 x 11cm
Height 1,3cm

  • Valerio Sommella

    Valerio Sommella, born in 1980 and graduated cum laude from the Politecnico of Milan in 2004, began his design career working with Stefano Giovannoni. In 2007 he moved to Amsterdam where he joined Marcel Wanders’ team. Since 2009, when he settled down in Milan and opened his design studio, he designs products in different fields, from furniture to consumer electronic goods and lighting both for Italian and international clients. He alternates this activity teaching at some Italian universities and design schools
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