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The Olive Oil Taster was designed as a personal object for each diner. 

  • In fact, it isn’t an oil cruet but an instrument created to collect the perfumes and the magnificent fruity taste of extra virgin olive oil, to allow the diner to experience the features that make the product unique and special.
  • Its size was designed to allow the full aromatic range of the oil to be tasted as well as for it to be used as a small dispenser for direct use, avoiding open bottles from being placed on the table, which is often unattractive.
  • Fill the olive oil taster with a small amount of oil, about half a demitasse full. Close the cover and hold the olive oil taster in your hand for about a minute to warm its contents.
  • Then open the cover and breathe in the smells of the oil, trying to pick out its features. Finally, taste the oil, letting it wash around your mouth for a moment, inhaling so that it comes in direct contact with your taste buds.
  • The oil content will be enough for one taste but may also be used directly by using a pouring spout.

Stainless steel.

Size Description

Width 17.5 cm (6.9″)
Length 7.5 cm (3″)
Heigt 6.3 cm (2.5″)
Capacity  Cl 5.3

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