Alessi Press filter coffee maker

Designer: Aldo Rossi
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Press filter coffee maker or infuser by Aldo Rossi, Why not make up a breakfast set with the other Aldo Rossi's mugs or espresso cups.

  • Beautifully polished cafetiere in 1986.
  • Replaceable heat resistant glass insert and  filter mesh.

Stainless steel and glass

Size Description

cups 3: cl 24 diam. 7,2 cm - height 17 cm/ 8 oz - diam. 2 3/4'' - height 6 3/4'  cups 8″: cl 72 -diam. 9,8 cm- height 22 cm/ 24oz - diam.4'' - height 8 1/2''

  • Aldo Rossi

    <p>Aldo Rossi was born in Milan (1931-1997), he is considered by many to be the greatest Italian architect of the second half of the 20th century. His life as an architect started with Gardella and Zanuso. An author of abstraction, reduction and brevitas, his severe language of primary shapes, geometrical patterns and silent evocation created some of the most intensely poetic works of architecture and design in his age</p>
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