Alessi Nut Splitter
  • Alessi Nut Splitter
  • Alessi Nut Splitter
  • Alessi Nut Splitter

Alessi Nut Splitter

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Alessi Nut Splitter by Jim Hannon Tan, The nut splitter was developed by Jim Hannon Tan during the ‘ethics and design’ workshop held in july 2007

  • This delicate little tool is made from precision-cast steel and is inspired by an ancient gesture performed by farmers and foresters: opening a nut with both hands with the aid of a small hole punch.
  • The inspiration for the shape came from winged form of the maple seed, a symbol of freedom & fusion.

Stainless steel

Size Description

With 4 cm (1 1/2')
Length 3.5 cm (1 1/2″)

  • Jim Hannon Tan

    Jim Hannon-Tan was born in Santiago de Compostela Spain in 1975 and grew up in Australia. Jim has been based in Milan since 2001 and has collaborated with Stefano Giovannoni, Sebastian Bergne, Jozeph Forakis and George J Sowden. He finds inspiration in new technologies and cultural misunderstandings.
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