Alessi Megaptera Centerpiece
  • Alessi Megaptera Centerpiece
  • Alessi Megaptera Centerpiece
  • Alessi Megaptera Centerpiece

Alessi Megaptera Centerpiece*

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Andrea Morgante's instict made him design this Centrepiece in a very particular way.

  • The steel tray's surface alters its shape in the most natural way when it receives a weight. “This is what Megaptera whales do when feeding, expanding their ventral grooves to accommodate a larger volume of water.
  • The ribbing of the tray expresses the gentle surface’s deformation while optimizing its structural rigidity, without increasing the thickness of the metal sheet”. (Andrea Morgante)

Made of 18/10 stainless steel.

Size Description

Height 4 cm
Lenght 45 cm
Width: 26.00cm

  • Andrea Morgante

    <p>Andrea Morgante was born in Milan in 1972. After a degree in Architecture he moves to London in 1997 where initially collaborates with RMJM. In 2011 he joins Future Systems, where in 2006 he becomes Associate Director, working closely alogside Jan Kaplicky for nearly 8 years: amongst many projects Selfridges in Birmingham, numerous international competitions, product design and eventually he will lead the design for the Enzo Ferrari Museum in Modena, directing its completion on site after Kaplicky’s death in 2009. In 2008 he collaborates with Ross Lovegrove, leading several sustainable architetural schemes. In 2009 establishes Shiro Studio in London. In his work in Architecture and Product Design is characterized by a coherent approach, often influenced by his long term passions for anatomy, digital fabrications, botany, aeronautics and philosophy.</p>
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