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  • Alessi Lola Book Ends
  • Alessi Lola Book Ends
  • Alessi Lola Book Ends

Alessi Lola Bookstand

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  • Light Blue
  • Stainless Steel
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Bookends are a popular item among international manufacturers: many examples can be found on the market at all levels of design, production quality and price. If you seek the finer things, here are a few. ALBERT O ALESSI

A vast amount of children’s literature features animals as main characters alongside their human cohorts, busying themselves in all sorts of challenges and adventures. In my case, they ranged from “Just So Stories for Little Children” by Kipling to “White Fang” by Jack London on through to Aesop’s fables; from Snoopy by Charles Schulz to the characters in Roald Dahl’s nursery rhymes. Many were the times I identified with them as I merrily engrossed myself in a book. These three characters come from the pages of history, perhaps as yet unwritten, and are not limited to simply being sandwiched between the covers of the books they hold up. They demand to be viewed in the splendor of their material, the most noble steel, and their colours. They want to sit calmly on our desks or bookshelves caring for volumes, notebooks, selected magazines. They are also slightly larger than other bookends on the market. Mi ria m Mi rri


Stainless steel or epoxy

Size Description

 21,5 x 11,5cm
Height 21,5cm

  • Miriam Mirri

    Mirriam Mirri was born in Bologna in 1964, lives and works in Milan. She graduated at the Superior School for Anotomic Design and studied communication and design at the Università del Progetto in Reggio Emilia. She worked in London with Nigel Coates and has been assistant to Stefano Giovannoni for many years. She designs objects for companies such as Mandarina Duck, Mitsubishi, United Pets. She holds design courses at the Università del Progetto in Reggio Emilia.
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