Alessi Joy N.3Tray
  • Alessi Joy N.3Tray
  • Alessi Joy Tray
  • Alessi Joy Tray
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Alessi Joy N.3 Tray Stainless Steel

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Alessi Joy Tray by Raimondo Claudia.

  • A sheet of steel becomes form and decoration: Joy, like a jewel, a pleasure.
  • A new model has been introduced into the “Joy” collection designed by Claudia Raimondo: the “Joy n.3” Tray joins the “Joy n.1”
  • Centrepiece produced in 2013 and the “Joy n.11” Basket also designed in 2014 . The Tray features an intriguing play of reflections that characterises these objects, which originated from the union between Claudia Raimondo’s research and Alessi’s focus on the “skin of the object.”
  • The experience gained in the manufacturing of steel surfaces, even the most complex, has made it possible to create interesting projects and to consolidate a technologically sophisticated manufacturing process. “Joy n.3” is a round tray with embossed sides and an uneven, jagged rim .
  • The irregular texture embellishes the object and is reminiscent of the surfaces crafted by master silversmiths.
  • Created through the cold moulding of a steel plate, “Joy n.3” is offered exclusively in the 40 cm diameter size.
  • The facets that create the particular texture of the object are proportionally sized to the generous surface of the tray. “Joy n.3” is available in three versions: 18/10 stainless steel with a polished finish  , “Milky White” steel  and “Super Black” .
  • The selected colours, developed with the use of nanotechnology, constitute an aesthetic element that enhances the quality of the uneven surface and the expressive potential of the object.
  • To preserve the beautiful finish of the stainless steel coloured Trays, do not clean with abrasive detergents.

18/10 stainless steel mirror polished 

Size Description

Diameter 40 cm (15.7″)
Height 2.3 cm (0.9″)

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