Alessi Girotondo Table Lamp
  • Alessi Girotondo Table Lamp
  • Alessi Girotondo Table Lamps
  • Alessi Girotondo Table Lamps
  • Alessi Girotondo Table Lamps
  • Alessi Girotondo Table Lamp

Alessi Girotondo Table Lamp Pink Sale

Designer: King Kong
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The iconic little figure of the “Girotondo” man, designed by Stefano Giovannoni and Guido Venturini at the end of the 1980s, continues on his journey through time, invariably transforming himself into a special object.

From accessories for the table to those for the kitchen, from office items to small furnishing accessories, like this table lamp designed by King Kong to adapt to different uses and spaces.

Equipped with a rechargeable battery, “Girotondo” can be used both as a table lamp – plugged into the mains – and as a portable lamp, to be positioned wherever one wants to enjoy its soft, diffused light. A lamp with an evocative shape whose presence brings a touch of originality to any space, creating a special atmosphere.



Characteristics / Suggested use. Made in thermoplastic resin, with a translucent finish for diffused lighting LED light, comprising a strip of 36 LEDs with output of 2.2 Watts. High-efficiency technology in terms of both duration and lighting, which also guarantees excellent energy savings The lithium battery is rechargeable using the micro USB connector. The lamp can be recharged in two ways: by connecting the cable to the mains using a universal adapter, or by connecting it to the USB port of a computer The lamp comes complete with a micro USB power cable. No adapter is included. The rechargeable battery allows the lamp to be used anywhere, even when unplugged from the mains. The battery charge lasts approximately 3 hours On/Off switch with dimmer function which allows three different levels of brightness. To switch on the lamp, long-press the button for two seconds, after which brightness can be adjusted with a short press on the button Clean the lamp using only a soft, dry cloth: do not use running water or detergents containing alcohol or abrasive substances

Size Description

14cm x 4,5cm

Height 20cm

  • King Kong

    King Kong was the name adopted by the architects Stefano Giovannoni and Guido Venturini from 1985 up to 1989, creators of an elementary, playful cartoon language which made its mark on design in the early 90s.
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