Alessi Ellipse Containers Set 2
  • Alessi Ellipse Containers Set 2
  • Alessi Ellipse Containers
  • Alessi Ellipse Containers
  • Alessi Ellipse Containers

Alessi Ellipse Containers Set 2

Designer: Abi Alice
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Alessi Ellipse Bowl by Alice Set of three containers in steel colored with epoxy resin.The Ellipse Collection is designed by Abi Alice.

Three ellipses of different sizes are produced from a sheet of stainless steel and then slightly curved to turn them into a series of versatile containers.

Their simple and minimalist design makes it possible to use them in different ways and contexts: in the kitchen or dining room, in the office or the living room.

The masterful use of three colours, white, yellow and turquoise creates a vibrant interplay of combinations and juxtapositions.


steel colored with epoxy resin.

Size Description

40,0 x 17,3cm
Height 4,5cm

  • Abi Alice

    Abi Alice is a Sydney-based artist and designer whose practice spans many disciplines. <span style="color:#000000;">Alice</span> initially studied silver-smithing, creating tableware and jewellery, and later undertook her Masters pursuing photography and painting. Mathematics, form, colour geometry, folding and abstraction are frequently explored in Alice?s work. Currently her practice is predominantly focused on photography, painting and product design. She approaches her design work from an artistic point of view. In many instances her geometric paintings become the foundation for her product design.
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