Alessi Cubik Star, Christmas Ornament
  • Alessi Cubik Star, Christmas Ornament

Alessi Cubik Star, Christmas Ornament

Available in November
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When we came up with the idea of ​​cubic Christmas balls, we looked at each other and said: “Do you want no one to have ever thought about it? Impossible! “So, for the sake of scruple, we started looking everywhere, and some cubic decorations were indeed there, but similar to the one we had just drawn, around the five continents could not be found. It tasted so much of pigeon's egg ... What if there were insurmountable technical problems? Not even for a dream, they could be done! So welcome to the world, Square balls!


Mouth Blown Glass

Size Description

10.5 x 9x 9.8cm

  • Marcello Jori

    Marcello Jori was born in Merano on 12 December 1951. He currently lives and works in Bologna. Having obtained his degree from DAMS (Drama, Art and Music Studies, Bologna), in 1977 Jori embarked on his career as an artist, soon exhibiting in national and foreign galleries and museums. In the mid-seventies, Jori took his first tentative steps in certain conceptual streams, from which he soon moved away and indeed openly went against their colder and most austere aspects, in an attempt to infuse art with a new lease of life.
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