Questo Design Customer's Photos...

We love to see our products looking fabulous in our customer's homes, so please email your photos for inclusion on this page.

Magis Chair and Stool One in Karen's living room. The small Alessi Blow Up table was specially powder coated in black.


Nemo Crown Major in Leif's living room.

Kartell Masters chairs in Richard's dinning room.


Lapalma Lem stool and Magis Stool One in Luiz Fernando's kitchens.


XNL wallpaper in Amie's showroom. 


.Driade Lord Yo, Kartell Louis Ghost chairs and Ge lamp in Dennis's living room.


Lapalma stool, Stelton tray, Zack wine cooler  and Alessi dish rack with Simon's customer.


Ona coat rack from Mobles 114 in Stephen's hallway.


Gubi stools in Michael's kitchen.

Wonderful Kartell furniture and Nemo lamps in Tim's house at the beach.


Madame chair in Ariston's home office.

Raumgestalt Woodtowers in Steven's living room..